#LifeBooksWriting: Author Blog Challenge - Overcoming writers block


I suffer from writer's block on nearly every book I write. The beginning always shoots off from the station like an express train and I know where the destination is, but the journey in between can be a hard one. I tend to underwrite whereas many authors overwrite. It's easier to delete words than create words. 

If I'm really stuck, I simply walk away and go do something else. I try not to sit and stare at my computer willing words to come. I find that time wasting and pointless. As hard as it is not to write for a few days, sometimes that is my best option. Time away from the book to refresh and recharge my overworked brain. To tackle it freshly. To think about other things for a while.


The other thing I do that works well is to read. As an avid reader, it's not a hard task. Sometimes that gives me the kick of inspiration I need to take off running again. Some books are harder than others. Some flow, others don't. My last book, literally felt like I had climbed a mountain but when I was finished, it felt like a great achievement!