My Latest Reads for Author Blog Challenge #LifeWritingBooks

 This weeks blog post is me sharing my bookshelf and latest reads.
I have way too many books on my bookshelf and not enough space as you will see from the first photo. I have books waiting on the floor in a plastic bag, not only to be read but to find a home somewhere among the clutter that is my bookcase. Not all of these books are fiction. There are quite a number of non-fiction books, recipe books and nutritional books. I get in moods where I change the genre I feel like reading so it differs from time to time.

I have many different genre's and authors on my bookshelf. Dan Brown, Val McDermid, James Patterson, Nora Roberts, Virginia Andrews are typical on these shelves. My special books which consist of Paranormal Romance and Erotica are reserved for a separate bookcase. Typically if I'm going to buy a paperback in a store, I'll search for Paranormal Romance first and yet when I search for books for my Kindle, I typically download contemporary romance. 

The current book I'm reading is Undone by Callie Harper. A contemporary Bad Boy Rocker romance.