#LifeBooksWriting: My Writing Room

 I am participating in the #LifeBooksWriting challenge. The first one being My Writing Room.
Below is what I call My Writing Room. It is a room and it's where I write! 

Yep. This is where the magic happens! Or where the procrastination happens! It's 'my space'. A place where I can shut the door, gather my laptop and lounge back on pillows. Not ideal for some but without a dedicated study/office, this is the next best thing. I get to work in bed! Ha! Of course this isn't my ideal writing space but we do what we can with what we've got right? 

It's comfortable and I can shut the door on what's going on in the rest of the house and focus with a cup of coffee and the sun streaming in through the window. I have two teenagers whom are at school during the day so this is my quiet time to get things done. 

My dream office would be a room surrounded by bookshelves on each wall with an old-fashioned writing desk as the central focal point and a large window overlooking a rural expanse. One can only dream!