#LifeBooksWriting : Character Inspiration

This weeks challenge is character inspiration. Where do I get mine? To tell you the truth, I'm not sure some of the time. I read excessively so I guess it comes from characters I've read. Pieces of them I've liked. A large part of it comes once you start writing too. Once you think of a plot, the characters just begin to form in your head. If I do a character sheet and begin to fill in all the blanks about the MC's, you begin to form a personality for that person. A lot of the time, my characters do things out of the blue as they come into my head. 

I am lucky enough to know some wonderful people in the industry. A couple of them being the cover model above, David Santa Lucia and the photographer who took the image, Eric Battershell. I saw the image and not having even finished the book, knew that David's look, epitomized the character. Sometimes it's a case of seeing and knowing someone and gaining inspiration from them. Does that make sense? 

Inspiration for characters also comes from within for me. It's just an all-knowing that this is how they are going to act or behave. This is how they are going to look. I feel as well as think. 
I've met so many different people who all have their own unique personalities so I can draw on that from my memory and use pieces of many people to create a different one.