A little teaser from Pain:

Dirty thoughts stirred. Heinous pictures of crazy, ferocious sex. Teeth. Nails. No inhibitions. Free. Oh Mama. I was going straight to hell. The shadow world was tempting me. Just one little taste. That was all I wanted. It wasn’t much. Opening my mouth slightly, I allowed him entry, using my lips and tongue to latch onto his thumb and pull it into my mouth, where I sucked, teeth scraping along his skin. Remnants of soap lingered. We hadn’t broken our stare. He was daring me to “tempt the tiger,” as he’d so eloquently put it earlier, and I was more than willing.

His jaw braced and some primal, sorrowful warning was pulled eerily low from his dark soul, luring me further into his thrall, causing me to bite down on his thumb. “Harder. Fuck!” he coaxed, as his other hand came up to powerfully grip the side of my head. “Pain, princess. Give me more pain. Make it hurt.”